Online Shop - launching soon!

Hello there!

Thought I'd put together a post about the secret online shop I've been working on for the last couple of months. I recently made the decision to close my Etsy shop for good and work on launching an online shop integrated on my website instead. It’s all on a private page which is nearly ready to go public and I’m super excited to share my hard work with you- cross fingers it’ll work out on here!


So, what can you expect to see on there?

I’ll have original drawings and paintings as well as limited edition prints, stickers and handmade felt goodies. Will also have The King With Dirty Feet book bundles with stickers and activity packs dedicated to whomever you choose. Here's some photos of what you can expect on launch day:


Why the change and what's different?

Basically, Etsy put their fee prices up which would have meant putting prices up for customers as well as extra shipping taxes and although it was just a little bit, it adds up over time and I didn’t think that was fair (from their new CEO's statements, I suspect they’ll keep creeping up!)

Squarespace has the listing fees set on what Etsy’s used to be so that’s why I’ve made the jump. Nothing will change with the kind of products I had listed before, if anything I have a bit more control over everything and don't rely on Etsy's policies and search engine function anymore, just Google seo and clicks from the rest of my website.



I'm moving from little Anglesey to Cheltenham (to do a masters course wooooo!) a little sooner than expected so the launch will likely be after the move towards the end of this month so bookmark my website / follow me on socials and keep an eye out for updates and sneak peeks.

***EDIT 5/9/18*** Following the move to Cheltenham, I didn't have room for the online shop boxes so my beloved shop plans will be delayed until further notice. They're sitting safely in my studio shed in Anglesey and as soon as family come back from holiday they'll be couriered over to me here in Chelt!

I don't want to make the shop page public until I have a certain date for the products to arrive so there's no delivery delays on any orders. If you see anything on here or on my instagram that you'd like to buy, please do shoot me a message instead of waiting for the online shop opening. Thank you for your patience! - Rhi ***EDIT 5/9/18***


I hope you’ll continue to support me through my website instead and appreciate more than ever your constant support during this transition so THANK YOU!

Email or @ me for a chat - I'd love to know if you're near Cheltenham so I can get a lowdown of all the places I need to be in the know of or if there are any illustrator meetups nearby? 

Rhi x


P.S I made this bee gif the other day #savethebees


Happy World Book Day and St David's Day!

Dewi the mighty dragon loved books and wanted more than anything to have friends to swap his favourite books and talk about them with.  

He had just finished 'A Game of Crowns' by Martin RR George and was so thrilled that he had a new series to rave about. he had chortled out huge billowing smoke rings, cried big fat tears of sadness, and sighed scolding sparks of fire while reading the book. 

But when Dewi told the villagers this, it only seemed to make them run away! Try and try as he might, no one was willing to swap their beloved books with him.

So he huffed and puffed his way back up the mountain... 

Young Arthur saw Dewi's hunched back and drooping wings and followed him up the mountain. "Why so sad, Dewi?" he asked when he caught up to him.

“I’ve just read this really good book, Arthur, it was so good it made me blow smoke rings - you know a book is good if you can turn the chapter to ashes! The thing is, no matter what good books I have, no one will share and swap books with me,” he sighed and a firework shot from his nostrils setting the daffodils nearby alight. 

“That’s the eighteenth time this week, Dewi, and we’re only half way through the week!” exclaimed Arthur as he stamped the blaze out.

"Could it be that no one wants to share books because you leave the pages blackened with smoke and chapters incinerated, Dewi?"

The big red dragon scratched his chin, looked thoughtful and then laughed so hard he sent great big rings of smoke into the air. 


Pygmy Puffs

Earlier in the month I made a needle-felted Pygmy Puff for a prize at a Harry Potter event in Waterstones and it went down a treat!

What the fluff is a Pygmy Puff you might ask and Harry Potter fans will already know that a Pygmy Puff is a miniature Puffskein, bred by Fred and George Weasley and sold at their shop Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

So at a magical creatures themed event it was only fitting for a magical creature prize to be up for grabs. On the day I had some enquiries about getting one made if they didn't win Arnold the Pygmy Puff and after doing it a couple of times I am now opening it up for commission so if you're interested then do get in touch!

pygmy puff pamphlet.jpg