Rhi Sanderson


Bug Bingo

I've recently been working on developing a little game idea in between picture book work, it's all come together nicely and I'm quite proud of how it's turned out!


A little background to my love of bugs:

(skip to the end of the post for the game)

Ever since I was little I've had a fascination with bugs (though nowadays I read more about them than go searching for them!) I remember being out all day overturning rocks, climbing trees, and digging to collect them in old ice cream tubs I had labelled and organised neatly on the garden table. It became my personal pride and joy of a liberal "bug zoo" 

The all animal loving and empathetic liberal justice warrior of a child that I was never had the heart to put lids on the "bug zoo" tubs so, to my mother's delight, the various bugs I had collected each day were always left to their own devices to roam free again...

Despite that, I would still spend endless hours labouring over the perfect sticks, stones, and leaves for the different tubs. The allocated snail tub became my favourite as, unlike the other bugs, the few snails I had collected became very loyal to the tub and never ran way (slimed away?) with one of them even becoming the undefeated champion of snail race tournaments around the block. Until one fateful day when Speedy (yes, I called it Speedy the snail) was nowhere to be found, leaving behind a leaf full of snail eggs in the tub.

Even though my love for bugs leans more towards bumblebees and dragonflies nowadays, it's the fond memories I have of the snails and snail racing with my friends that breaks my heart a little every time I have accidentally stood on a snail and heard that inevitable crunch...

So yeah, I love all things bugs and the idea for a bug hunting bingo game to play with friends was something I'd had in mind for a long time, and now it's something I can share with all of you fellow bug nerds! What's that? I'm the only bug nerd here? Oh... Here it is anyway:

I'd love to produce these in a physical print form with beautiful packaging one day but for now they're here for you all for free!

Please comment or send me an email if you have any advice as to how I could go about making packaged sets of Bug Bingo or if you're interested on collaborating on it with me, I'd love to here from you! 


Click on the link below for a ready to print PDF to download ready for you to print and play:


Bug Bingo Download


Hope you enjoy and do please share any of your bug stories or Bug Bingo adventures with me!