Rhi Sanderson


Happy World Book Day and St David's Day!

Dewi the mighty dragon loved books and wanted more than anything to have friends to swap his favourite books and talk about them with.  

He had just finished 'A Game of Crowns' by Martin RR George and was so thrilled that he had a new series to rave about. he had chortled out huge billowing smoke rings, cried big fat tears of sadness, and sighed scolding sparks of fire while reading the book. 

But when Dewi told the villagers this, it only seemed to make them run away! Try and try as he might, no one was willing to swap their beloved books with him.

So he huffed and puffed his way back up the mountain... 

Young Arthur saw Dewi's hunched back and drooping wings and followed him up the mountain. "Why so sad, Dewi?" he asked when he caught up to him.

“I’ve just read this really good book, Arthur, it was so good it made me blow smoke rings - you know a book is good if you can turn the chapter to ashes! The thing is, no matter what good books I have, no one will share and swap books with me,” he sighed and a firework shot from his nostrils setting the daffodils nearby alight. 

“That’s the eighteenth time this week, Dewi, and we’re only half way through the week!” exclaimed Arthur as he stamped the blaze out.

"Could it be that no one wants to share books because you leave the pages blackened with smoke and chapters incinerated, Dewi?"

The big red dragon scratched his chin, looked thoughtful and then laughed so hard he sent great big rings of smoke into the air.