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#mightygirl submissions

So I've emerged from tax self assessment and Run.Every.Day January exhaustion and want to change up how I go about the #mightygirl daily drawings. I'm thinking that I want to base the drawings on historic role models who identify as girls, but in between them I want to draw real young girls growing up in today's world who do amazing things. 

So, where do you come in? I want you (yes, you!) to submit a mighty girl in your life and they could be inspiration for one of my dailies!

They could be anything from a mighty karate champ determined to get their black belt, or a mighty little scientist in the making, or a mighty nurturing animal lover ...you just need to snap them in action and submit the photo with a few sentences on what makes them a #mightygirl 

I'm going to set up a page just for your submissions (as soon as I know how best to do that) and update this post and my social media with the link but you can send them to me at brs.illustration@gmail.com for now.

Here's a few of the made up mighty girls so far below and the link to them all: www.rhitown.com/mightygirl/



I'm looking forward to meeting all you mighty girls making the world a better place!

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