Rhi Sanderson





Roaming Isle of Tortuga


Life on the Roaming Isle of Tortuga with her devout Tortugan family is all Rae Wick has ever known. Rae's quiet life is about to get turned upside down when she's pulled out of school with the devastating news that her Father was involved in a freak accident - upon Nile Wick's sudden death, Rae inherits an old skeleton key that happens to fit the lock of an old trap door in their lighthouse where its' contents throws the history of R.I.O.T and circumstances of Nile's accident into question and a dangerous quest for the truth ensues...


Roaming Isle of Tortuga is a story set in a distant future where the dwindling population live on a gigantic turtle, families are named after their jobs, technological advancement is oppressed, and the prophecy states that the Tortugans will only find land again when the Gods have deemed them capable of looking after it.  

The Wick family's ancestry is one of the few that dates back to the founders of Roaming Isle of Tortuga. Living in Beacon Cottage at the foot of the lighthouse, their namesake means that their lifelong work is to run the Isle's only lighthouse for as long as they live, passing down the honour over the generations to come. 

This is a tale that explores the importance of family, friendship, diversity, democracy, storytelling, and nature as Rae Wick navigates a world of segregation, conspiracy, and corruption with an element of myth and whimsy to boot.


I've been working on RIOT in my spare time for a few years now and I feel like it's finally in a place where the plot, timeline, research, and concept work fit well and I can dive into making the world of the Tortugans come to life. 

Having toyed around with different formats on how best to tell Rae's story, I've decided that the stunning landscape of Roaming Isle of Tortuga just had to be told in graphic novel form. I'm still in two minds on whether I want to make RIOT a monthly online web comic or to pitch it to a publisher to work on for print, but I'm ready to start sharing this passion project of mine and hope you'll stick around to join Rae on her journey.