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The King With Dirty Feet - Signed (and doodled) by illustrator

The King With Dirty Feet - Signed (and doodled) by illustrator


The King With Dirty Feet - Signed (and doodled) by illustrator

There once was a king who hated bath time so much that he never washed. He was a very smelly king! The king finally consents to bathe in the river but no matter how clean he is, his feet stay dirty. The people sweep away all the dirt in the land - but the air is choked with dust. The dust gets washed away but now the land is flooded with water. An enormous tapestry is sewn to cover the whole kingdom but now nothing will grow on the land... What is to be done? At last one old man steps forward with leather and a pair of scissors ... and to the king's amazement he creates - the first ever pair of shoes!

Beautiful signed hardcover picture book with rich colour and texture that would make a gorgeous keepsake gift for children. Comes with activity sheets and you can email me at brs.illustration@gmail.com with your order confirmation with any requests for a personalised doodled message in the front of the book!

Revisit the book over and over again with fun games and activities like designing your own patchwork piece for the townsfolk's quilt, count how many times the King's cheeky monkey appears across the pages, and even design your own grand shoes for the King (one can't have too many shoes after all)

"This delightful picture book, beautifully told for reading aloud and engagingly illustrated, tells the comic and suspenseful story of the invention of shoes, for an Indian king who has trouble keeping his feet clean." Nicolette Jones - Sunday Times

  • 32 pages

  • Age 4+

  • Published by Otter-Barry Books (8 March 2018)

  • Language: English

  • Dimensions: 24.8 x 0.6 x 28.6 cm

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